This 800+ HP Vehicle Is A Sneak Peek At Gemballa’s First Hypercar

It’s not often that a tuning company makes the transition from modifying a company’s flagship platforms, into the creation of one of its own. Such is the case with Gemballa, a lauded Porsche tuner that has transcended the realm of customization to create its very first hypercar.

The Gemballa Hypercar Project, as it’s become known, is relatively veiled. However, thanks to a press release stating that the company had officially opened up fundraising for the vehicle, it’s likely that the bespoke variant is in the earliest stages of conceptualization. As mentioned by the tuner, the hypercar will encompass “state-of-the-art drive and aero technology,” and will compete against the industry’s leading platforms for supremacy, thanks to a proposed 2.5-second 0-62 mile-per-hour baseline and over 800 horsepower. The sleek iteration of the company’s innovative vision will boast a sculpted exterior, various aerodynamic peripherals, and exposed carbon fiber throughout. While solid information hasn’t been released, it’s believed that the car will adopt an automatic drivetrain with the option for manual, and will feature a petrol engine for its first production run. Head to Gemballa’s press site for more information.

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