Gemballa Is Releasing A Rugged Carbon Fiber Porsche 911 Safari 4×4

Back in 2017, Gemballa pulled the cover off of its Avalanche 4.2 RS, a heavily-upgraded 911-based prototype with and 516ft-lbs of torque. Fast-forward to today and the Leonberg firm has unveiled a new production model that’s partially based on the 2017 prototype. And while it appears to be just as exotic and elite as the 4.2 RS, the new version has been bestowed with the Safari off-road treatment.

Dubbed the “Avalanche 4×4,” the new model is based on Porsche’s 991 and 992 series. Despite the Gemballa using the “Avalanche” moniker on its vehicles since shortly after the company’s inception in 1981, the new Avalanche 4×4 is the first offering from South German truly deserving of the title. Rolled out as part of the company’s new corporate strategy, the Avalanche 4×4 has been gifted with a myriad of off-road upgrades including long-travel suspension, off-road wheels and tires, dual roof ram-air scoops, a massive rear wing to help generate downforce and maintain traction at speed, and a custom carbon fiber bodywork set with side intake scoops. While details are scant thus far, the Gemballa Avalanche 4×4 is slated to go on sale sometime in 2020.

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