GEHOcab Will Convert Your Favorite 4×4 Into A Modular Carbon Overlander

As backpacking is to hiking, overlanding is to off-roading. When it comes to outfitting yourself for adventure, your success is determined largely by your ability to bring shelter and supplies along for the ride. Sure, the gear you choose is a critical consideration, but the cornerstone of the experience is unquestionably the package — be it a lightweight backpack or a fully-loaded SUV.

With the launch of their latest conversions, German overlanding specialist GEHOcab aims to tackle the current crop of SUVs. Having offered cabins for the VW Amarok for some time, they’re well-versed in mobile shelters, and their newest designs reflect a commitment to delivering maximum utility in capable, go-anywhere packages. Amongst the models in GEHOcab’s new lineup is a conversion for the new Land Rover Defender they’ve dubbed ‘Fiete’. The cabin features a design that blends seamlessly into the stock car, as well as a carbon body that tips the scale at a svelte 240lbs. Inside, the specs are ultimately left up to the user, with options ranging from a shower and a fully-equipped kitchen to a satellite TV and additional bed. The conversions are slated for October availability, with prices starting at $151,000 for a fully-furnished model.

Purchase: $151,000+