Gather Modular Desk Organizer

Even the most diligent and tidy among us have a hard time keeping their work area organized. We know we’re guilty of it from time to time. But now, thanks to the Gather Modular Desk Organizer, even the worst of us can keep a more orderly workspace.

This simple but effective tool consists of a wooden slab with four horizontal slats cut into it. Each one of those cuts accommodates a series of modular pieces that can be placed securely on the board. Because of this, you can both keep things like your phone, pens, post-its, and notebooks more organized while also arranging them exactly how you prefer. Need a little more than just one slab? No worries. Simply attach the brand’s additional wooden pieces to the primary board. They’ll stick right on thanks to the small but powerful magnets machined into the side. The organizer is available in either walnut or maple, and can be purchased with additional headphone stand and coaster.

Purchase: $150