Gate Camera-Equipped Smart Lock

If you, like us, think that the way the world is headed warrants a much more serious look at your own home security, you might be considering fitting your abode with some tech to help keep you and your loved ones safe. That could mean cameras, keypad-style entry, and new state-of-the-art locks at the bare minimum. And finding the right gear for the job can be time consuming and expensive. That is, unless you get something that does all three, like the Gate Camera-Equipped Smart Lock.

This device combines a smart lock with key cylinder, a keypad for coded-entry, and a motion activated camera with audio into a single relatively inexpensive package. And it fits into the same spot in your door as a normal deadbolt. Not only can it function like a standard bolt lock, but it can send notifications to your mobile devices whenever movement is detected outside your door, can be opened without a key (by permanent code, a temporary one, or remotely via mobile), offers 2-way audio between your devices and the lock, and has a rechargeable battery. The device retails for $299. How much is your home security worth? [Purchase]

Gate Camera Equipped Smart Lock 01

Gate Camera Equipped Smart Lock 02