Garret Leight Taps The Parks Project For Its First-Ever Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

As the sustainability of our manufacturing processes continues to become an issue of mounting concern, industries of all kinds are doing a bit of self-reflection to see how they can go a bit greener. In the glasses space, this has led to some pretty innovative approaches to frame construction, with recycled plastics, repurposed plant fibers, and carbon-negative cork being amongst some of the more popular materials in play.

Just take what Garret Leight’s doing, for instance. In partnership with the Parks Project, the California-based eyewear brand has created a capsule collaboration inspired by Big Sur. Within the collection, you’ll find some vibrant vintage-inspired apparel and accessories, including a classic pocket tee, a super-soft hoodie, as well as an exclusive co-branded Nalgene bottle. That being said, the highlight of the collab is undoubtedly the GLCO x Parks Project Hampton X sunglasses, the first-ever eco-friendly take on a classic Garret Leight silhouette. Made from bio-based acetate, they come fitted with some of the brand’s Sport Utility Vision lenses, an addition that means they offer robust impact resistance and improved depth perception. Available now at the link below, a portion of every item will go towards the defense of the Ventana Wilderness.

Purchase: $20+

Photo: Garret Leight