Garmin VIRB 360 4K Camera

One of the reasons that fully immersive 360 degree cameras have become so popular is that they take the guess work out of filming. You don’t have to worry about getting the right frame if your camera captures everything. The one downside? This technology has not quite been perfected or made that accessible. Or at least that was the case before Garmin announced their new VIRB 360.

This incredibly impressive new camera features a wide array of cool new features. This thing can shoot high quality 5.7K at 30 frames per second and boasts a proprietary Spherical Stabilization2. This means that when you are riding your mountain bike or skiing down the slopes the footage will come out looking silky smooth. Oh yeah – and no worries about nearly melting your computer while it works to stitch together all that footage. That is done in camera. Another exciting aspect to this new release from Garmin is the multi-directional microphones that provide a truly immersive audio experience for your viewer. Finally – because it is Garmin who is making this – the camera will also give you data overlays on your videos on things like heart-rate, speed, and altitude so your friends can see how close you were to a heart attack when you went skydiving.

Purchase: $800