Garmin Tactix Charlie GPS Watch

Garmin’s new tactix Charlie watch offers up what may very well be more utility than we’ll ever need. And while one could make the argument that this counts as a strike against it, it is in large part what has enamored us to this futuristic timepiece.

The watch boasts a big oversized 51mm case with a 1.2-inch color screen that is readable both in direct sunlight and at night thanks to its night vision mode. That screen displays things like your heart rate, sunrise and sunset times, topographic maps, altitude and much more. In fact, the watch can hold up to 16GB of map data, and can run for up to 12 days without a charge. And to top it off? The watch is water resistant down to 100m. You know – for those times you need to dive a few hundred feet below the ocean’s surface.

Purchase: $750