Garmin’s STRIKER Cast Sonar GPS Device Lets You Find Fish From Your Phone

While fish finders are far from a new concept, they’ve been all-but exclusive to boats in their application. Should you find yourself fishing from shorelines, docks, or piers, you’d be left with little recourse other than blind hope that you were casting in the right direction. But if you want to make the most out of your time out on the water, it pays to have an informed plan of attack.

Ever the innovators when it comes to all things GPS-related, Garmin has designed a solution to such a problem: the STRIKER Cast. Effectively a castable sonar device, the STRIKER brings the power of Garmin’s fishing tech to your smartphone via an app. Just cast it out, monitor the sonar display, and reel it back in to view the results. It works in both saltwater and freshwater at depths as deep as 150′, with a range of up to 200′. What’s more, it records temperature data while it’s at it. Powering on once it hits the water and down when it’s out, the STRIKER features 10+ hours of rechargeable battery life. And should you spring for the GPS model, you can mark locations come time for future trips. Available now from $130.

Purchase: $130+