Measure Power On Any Surface With Garmin’s Swappable Cycling Pedals

Cycling is a sport in which data has long reigned supreme, and one of the most objective ways you can measure your performance is through the use of a power meter. However, given the complexity of the hardware, power meters are often consigned to one setup at a time, meaning that those with multi-bike stables are often faced with buying another or riding without one.

At least, they were before Garmin dropped its range of all-new of power meter pedals. Dubbed the ‘Rally,’ the lineup consists of an ‘RK,’ an ‘XC,’ as well as an ‘RS’ model, with each one available in both single and dual-sided configurations. When it comes to their cleat compatibility, the RK is based on Look’s KEO system, while the latter XC and RS use Shimano’s respective SPD and SPD-SL platforms. That being said, each one is built around an interchangeable spindle design, allowing the user to swap the pedal body depending on their riding environment, be it road, gravel, or trail. When you consider that they also offer IPX7 water-resistance, +/- 1.0% accuracy, and up to 120 hours of battery life, they make for an option too good to pass up. They’re available now from $650.

Purchase: $650+