Garmin’s Quatix 6 Fishing Smartwatch Can Control Your Boat Via Autopilot

Garmin’s GPS-integrated smartwatches have served as a baseline for the genre’s various manufacturers for years, and with one of the most robust networks of technology and innovative practices at their beck and call, the company as continued to expand into every adventurous niche. Its Quatix line — a nautical segment that focuses primarily on water-savvy use — has become a mainstay for navigators; and now, the outfit is releasing its newest model.

The Garmin Quatix 6 Outdoor Smartwatch arrives in two different styles: a fiberglass-reinforced steel bezel variant, and a sapphire and titanium-adorned model that’s been conceptualized to appeal to the premium buyer. Both models will feature an airtight housing that will protect their inner workings, while functionality and characteristics have been pulled directly from the company’s Fenix 6, allowing users to control their boats via autopilot software, utilize remote-control systems with Fusion-Link, and reference diagnostics like sea charts, depth, temperature, wind direction, and topography while on the water. With up to 24 hours of use in GPS mode (and 60 in the Quatix 6’s Battery-Saver format), Garmin’s newest watch might just be the quintessential wristwear companion for sea-faring enthusiasts. Head to the brand’s website, where the original Quantix 6 ($700) and Titanium Quantix 6 ($1,000) are available for purchase.

Purchase: $700+