Garmin Quatix 5 Marine Smartwatch

While it seems like every brand with even a remote interest in tech or horology is releasing a smartwatch nowadays, there’s still plenty of room for improvement and innovation. Especially when you consider that most smartwatches will fry with even the shortest dunk in water. Which is a shame, considering that 71% of our planet’s surface is covered in the stuff. What’s a person to do if they want a smart watch, but they also want to traverse the seas? Well, you could pick up Garmin’s new Quatix 5 Sapphire smartwatch.

This handy wrist accessory was literally built to get out on the water. In fact, it’s rated at 10 ATM – or 100 meters water-resistance. But that’s not all that makes this baby seaworthy – it also comes preloaded with tech, like compatibility with the brand’s chartplotters for autopilot, waypoint marking, and sail racing assistance; Wi-Fi connectivity; GPS navigation; and more. It can even function as a fitness tracker and heart rate monitor or control your onboard entertainment system. Best of all, it can function for up to 2 weeks without the need to recharge it. With your choice of either a blue rubber strap or a stainless steel band, this mariner’s smartwatch starts at $560.

Purchase: $600