Garmin High-Definition Dash Cam 20

Garmin High-Definition Dash Cam 20 1
Remember that big meteor crash in Russia last year? Remember how awesome it was that so many Russian drivers had dashboard cameras in their cars? It’s time we return the favor—this time, in high def. Garmin’s new Dash Cam is an HD dashboard camera that records video footage of the road ahead and saves data in case of an incident. Sure, the bulk of the ‘incidents’ will probably be fender benders, but if your Ford Fusion clips Sasquatch as he tries to hustle across the US-17, you’ll be damn glad you have this thing.

The Dash Cam starts recording when the vehicle starts and stops and uses a g-sensor to determine if there’s been an incident, automatically saving the footage on a four-gigabyte microSD card along with a host of details, like your vehicle’s speed, location, direction of travel, and more. It’s got a 2.3-inch color display and a suction cup to mount to the window or Bigfoot’s carcass. We’re looking at $220 without GPS, and $250 with GPS when it starts shipping next month. [Purchase]

Garmin High-Definition Dash Cam 20 2

Garmin High-Definition Dash Cam 20 3