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Garmin’s Descent Mk2i Smartwatch Tracks 02 In Multiple Divers’ Tanks

Garmin’s reputation within the world of technical, GPS-focused wristwear is unmatched, and it’s widely known that the brand’s underwater models are second-to-none in terms of trackable metrics. Now, the brand is bolstering its lineup with the all-new Descent Mk2i Smart Dive Watch — a wrist-worn computer that pairs with its T1 Transmitter to deliver precise tank pressure data to the diver.

Marketed as a system with adequate team tracking capabilities, the Mk2i utilizes a revolutionary sonar-based communication system that’s said to usurp conventional air-integration models in terms of reliability and range. As it turns out, this SubWave sonar tech can help divers to monitor members of their team within a 10-meter radius, providing up-to-date information on tank pressure, air time remaining, and gas consumption. Depending on the type of dive that’s taking place, the Descent Mk2i will record metrics based on temperature, time, ascent/descent rate, and N2 loading, displaying the information on its 1.4-inch full-color display. Pair this with the Garmin Dive app, and you’ll have an intuitive way to reference all of your statistics at a later date, similar to top-side fitness trackers. We’ve only skimmed the surface of the brand’s new Descent Mk2i, so head to Garmin’s website — where it’s listed for $1,300 and up — to learn more.

Purchase: $1,300+