Learn To Be A Better Racer With Garmin’s AI-Assisted Driving Coach Dash GPS

Race track-specific GPS units and data loggers have long existed in the racing world, though they’ve traditionally been rather complex to install and can be difficult to draw meaningful data from without the proper knowledge or expertise of a track day instructor. Recognizing the need for a more approachable kind of device, Garmin has just stepped up to the plate with its all-new Catalyst Driving Performance Optimizer.

The gadget consists of a 7” touchscreen display with built-in GPS trackers, accelerometers, and a bevy of other sensors. In addition to simply recording track data, the Catalyst is what its manufacturer calls a “driving coach,” which is able to give audible cues on how to improve your on-track performance and lower your lap-times. This is achieved by presenting drivers with ideal lines depending on the situation (qualifying, overtaking, defending, etc) — all of which is determined and calculated by an advanced artificial intelligence system. The device also comes preloaded with a slew of track maps and doesn’t require a connection to a laptop to review back performance. The device also includes a forward-facing remote camera that pairs and syncs up with the data logger. Available now, the Garmin Driving Performance Optimizer is priced at $1,000.

Purchase: $1,000