Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch

Previously, to get real-time feedback on your golf game while on the course, you’d need to pay some pretentious dude with plaid shorts and a bad visor to follow you around and chime in. Yeah no thanks.

Go it alone with Garmin’s Approach S6 watch, a device that combines GPS data, sensors, and smartwatch functionality into one neat package. The Approach S6 tracks your swing on the full-color touchscreen display with three metrics: SwingTempo, TempoTraining, and SwingStrength. You’ll see the ratio of your upswing to downswing, hear audio tones to help time your swing, and learn how much power you put into each swing. You’ll also see get a ton of stats, including shot distance, fairways hits, and more that you can upload to Garmin Connect for the breakdown. The Approach S6 also gives you onscreen maps of some 30,000 international courses. Look for it to go for $400 when it goes on sale this summer. [Purchase]