Ganker Fighting Robot

Though it was short-lived, Battle Bots was still one of the coolest shows on TV. There’s just something so viscerally enjoyable about watching robots beat the gears out of one another. Unfortunately, for most of us that’s an unattainable thing to get back. Or at least it was before the Ganker fighting robot.

Pick up a pair of these and you can custom-build your own fighting robots and make them go at it in the comfort of your own home. While it is that simple, there’s also a lot more to it. For instance, all the modular parts are pre-equipped with servo motors for responsive movements and have built-in contact sensors that detect when they’ve been hit. And that plays into the smartphone app used to operate the robots. Because, on top of giving you the ability to control the robots in real-time, the app will also keep score of the battle and clearly and distinctly define the winning and losing bot. And since they don’t actually rip each other limb from limb, once the fight is over you can do it all again in an instant. The Ganker retails for $473 a piece.

Purchase: $473