‘Gangrene’ Lexus V8-Powered Rat Bike

While we probably wouldn’t call the projects of most custom bike builders tame, per se, there are plenty of absolutely bonkers ideas most of builders wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole — like strapping a seat and two wheels onto a car engine. Of course, that leaves room for the odd project that breaks all traditional boundaries and leaves onlookers completely drop-jawed, like the ‘Gangrene’ rat bike you see before you.

As you might imagine, this apocalyptic hodgepodge isn’t actually made by a custom shop, it was built as a personal project by a Russian man, Artem Boldyrev, out of Yekaterinburg. Inspired by a similar project from the United States, the two-wheeler was built around the monstrous engine — a Lexus V8 with an overwhelming 300 horsepower and an automatic transmission. To cope with all that power while keeping it under three meters in length (ensuring it would remain street-legal), it also required a massive rear wheel mated to a two-chain torque system fed through the front gearbox from an all-wheel drive Toyota Mark II Blit. The big bike also received a specially-made gas tank to ensure it would travel long distances and Boldyrev even made a matching Fallout-inspired helmet to complete the wasteland look of this insane Franken-bike. [H/T: Proural]