Game Boy 1up Concept

We all like to relive the glory days of gaming from time to time, and to do so, we usually break out Goldeneye or Super Mario Bros 3. But some take their retro love a step further by re-imagining their favorite console, which is exactly what German designer Florian Renner has done with his incredible Game Boy concept.

Renner named it the GAME BOY 1up, and it has a sort of Wii U tablet-esque feel to it, expertly blending old school technology with a new school look. The device was crafted from natural fiber reinforced plastic. It’s unlikely that this concept would be put into production any time soon, especially given the fact that Nintendo appears to be dedicated to bringing the original Game Boy games to their Virtual Console. Still, it’s a fun exercise in design, and now we’re already re-imagining other consoles in our heads.

Game Boy 1up Concept 2

Game Boy 1up Concept 3