This High-Tech Combo PPE Mask & Face Shield Offers Unrivaled Protection

Surviving a pandemic isn’t something that’s isolated to the current landscape, and in the future, it’s highly likely that we’ll face something similar to COVID. Following the worldwide scare, the need for adequate PPE equipment, sanitizers, and other health-focused necessities has, for some, become begrudgingly clear — and now, designer Fulden Dehneli has created a face mask/protective apparatus for the future.

Dubbed the GADO&KEN, this innovative, two-piece product combines adaptive technology, modern preventative measures, and a futuristic design terminology to create something a bit more focused. While traditional face masks help to curb the spread of particulates, the GADO&KEN facemask features a unique sliding mechanism that allows you to don a full-fledged shield alongside its filtered front piece, blocking other inlets like your eyes and nose from exposure. If the PPE’s facial protector doesn’t do the job, you can utilize its in-line sanitizer capsule to slather yourself in germ-killing liquid — although, that might not be the best route to take. Head to Fulden Dehneli’s Behance to learn more about the futuristic face shield.

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