These 100% Biodegradable Face Masks Are Built From Plant-Based Materials

While the increased mass-production of disposable face masks has undoubtedly slowed the spread of COVID-19, it’s also created a major problem in terms of waste — much of which ends up in our planet’s oceans. To help right this wrong, G95 has developed the Oceanshield, the world’s first-ever single-use mask that’s derived from 100% plant-based materials.

The Oceanshield’s entire construction is crafted from this sustainable and wildly biodegradable material, including the ear loops and nose bridge. What’s even more impressive is the fact that this novel construction doesn’t compromise on protection, with the Oceanshield achieving an FFP2-rating. Sold in packs of 30, the G95 Oceanshield mask is priced at $79, with deliveries scheduled to commence by the end of August. Each box of masks also ships out with one of G95’s signature return systems, so once the entire 30-pack is spent, it can easily be sent back to the manufacturer in a prepaid shipping box. To learn more about G95’s Oceanshield mask or to order your own box, you can check out the company’s website linked below.

Purchase: $79

Photo: G95