G-Shock’s Mudmaster GG1000-1A5 Timepiece

Aug 6, 2018

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As handsome and beautiful as heirloom timepieces can be, there’s one design flaw that – up until the early 1980s – was vastly overlooked. We’re speaking of course about their fragility. Not only did most high-quality watches at the time – even today – cost a pretty penny but they required a “babying” attitude while worn. It was here where even the slightest knock or drop could result in a cracked crystal or scratched bezel. These pieces were also naturally exposed to ever-changing weather phenomenon and “acts of God” so to speak (here’s to you spilled coffee). Needless to say, these design flaws sparked an imperative need within the mind of a CASIO engineer who – after much trial and error – managed to win the war against mother nature.

We’re speaking of course about Kikuo Ibe, the lead watch designer for CASIO back in 1981 who founded a project team with just three other members who all the shared the same vision: to create an indestructible watch. The idea came to Ibe while observing a group of children playing in a nearby park in Tokyo, Japan with a bouncing rubber ball. Through his observations, he noticed that no matter how hard the ball was thrown or how much pressure was placed on it the ball remained completely unaffected by the impact. From here, Ibe set out to develop a watch with a hollow design where the internal components of the watch were stored as if they were floating – thus eliminating the damaging results of impact.

It was through this ingenious process that G-Shock soon became a household name in the world of fragile watches. Even after 35 years in the business, the reputable brand still has what it takes to keep up with the everchanging market and subsequent needs – made evident through the latest member of the Mudmaster series: the GG1000-1A5.

The G-Shock MudMaster GG1000-1A5

A Contemporary Indestructible Timepiece

It’s been over three decades since the first G-Shock was released so it’s no secret Casio has upped their game over the years while maintaining a rough and rugged reputation with outdoor watch enthusiasts the world over. Now, with their latest release – dubbed the Mudmaster GG1000-1A5 – things have gotten even more serious for the brand.

The newest member of the formidable MudMaster lineup boasts a mean Mud Resist construction. Meaning, that in addition to its shock-proof features this bad boy is engineered to prevent any mud or sludge from entering its internal structure.

This iteration and newest member of the formidable MudMaster lineup boasts a mean Mud Resist construction. Meaning, that in addition to the shock-resist structure inherent on all G-Shock watches, this bad boy is engineered to prevent any mud or sludge from entering its internal structure. That way, its Twin Sensor technology and fine Quartz movement are protected from any and all externals elements. The GG1000-1A5 is also water resistant to 200 meters and boasts an auto Super Illuminator to help light up the geared dial in even the darkest of environments. The Auto feature also allows the light to be activated with the tilt of the wrist

The watch also features fairly shouldered buttons as well, which prevents an accidental altering or adjustments to another one of the many features such as access to 31 time zones across the world, a 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer and 5 daily alarms.The bottom right quadrant of the watch also features what looks to be a gear dial with indicators denoting specific functions such as “alarm,” “timer,” and “world time” where an orange arrow turns to match whatever function has been set. It’s an interesting feature that adds a technical feel to the timepiece and one that will certainly catch the eyes of any tactical gear-inclined individual who happens to pick up the watch for themselves.

It’s this constant pursuit of perfection that keeps Casio ahead of the curve – allowing them to fully function as an industry leader in this realm. So what’s next for the brand you may ask? Time will tell.

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