G-SHOCK’s Limited-To-300 Titanium Bluetooth Watch Honors Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is the undeniable forefather of mixed martial arts, and even today, his reputation as one of the world’s most polarizing individuals is seemingly stronger than it’s ever been. The icon’s presence within the world of film was certainly no secret, and with timeless outfits like his black and yellow tracksuit from Game of Death, it was a difficult task for G-SHOCK to pass up a possible “80th birthday” homage to the late legend.

Finding the perfect mix of materials and intricacies isn’t an easy task when you’re paying respect to the “dragon,” but G-SHOCK’s reputation as one of the industry’s most cutting-edge watch brands is certainly proven here. The brand’s newly-announced MRG-G2000BL-9A Bruce Lee Limited-Edition Watch calls upon its Multi-Band 6 Automatic Radio Timekeeping tech, GPS compatibility, and Bluetooth mobile linking to keep in-line with other adept offerings, while a selection of symbolic colors has been implemented to remember Lee’s notable traits. Above the watch’s three-o’clock position, you’ll find “dragon” branding, accenting its deep-layer hardened and DLC coated titanium alloy bezel and case. The addition of striking reds, yellows, and blacks pay homage to Jeet Kune Do, Lee’s innovative philosophy and martial arts style. Only 300 units are slated for release, with an estimated price point of $4,000.

Purchase: $4,000+