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G-SHOCK Reengineered The G-STEEL Watch Line To Be Thinner Than Ever

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G-SHOCK’s premium line of stainless steel-enhanced G-STEEL watches have always had a commanding presence on the wrist, and now they’ve been engineered to be more slim and comfortable, too.

The watches of G-SHOCK’s new GSTB400 collection have been completely redesigned to make them the thinnest G-STEELs ever. G-SHOCK managed to accomplish this feat without any reduction in performance thanks in part to the new Carbon Core Guard structure that makes use of a lightweight and strong carbon fiber-reinforced resin case. The case protects the second key component in the watch’s makeover, the newly developed module, which is both thinner and more energy-efficient thanks to the miniaturization of some parts and clever engineering. Measuring a scant 12.9mm thick, the G-SHOCK GSTB400 also boasts premium features like an independent stainless steel bezel with varying degrees of mirror and hairline finishing, oversized stainless steel pushers, a multilayer vapor deposition-treated dial, and solar-powered, Bluetooth-enabled timekeeping. Available in three variants, the G-SHOCK GSTB400 collection of G-STEEL watches start at $320.

Purchase: $320+