This G-SHOCK Coffee Table Book Celebrates 40 Years of Brand History

GSHOCK Book 0 Hero
Photo: Rizzoli | Amazon

It seems difficult to imagine a world where G-SHOCK didn’t exist, but prior to its debut in 1983, enthusiasts had never seen a watch so robust and resilient. Built on its three tenets, which guaranteed it could last 10 years on a single battery, survive a 10-meter drop, and go 100m underwater, the Casio label also happened to feature incredibly stylish models which helped to inform and define an entire generation of fashion.

In celebration of the brand’s 40 years of dominance, Ariel Adams, founder of watch website aBlogtoWatch, has written a 256-page book that tells the story of G-SHOCK’s history, from a vision of young engineer Kikuo Ibe to its collaborative history to its maintained relevance in today’s culture. It will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs and interviews with some of the biggest G-SHOCK collectors in the world.

These days, G-SHOCK is a perennial favorite on the internet, but over 15 years ago, aBlogtoWatch was among the very first to regularly cover the brand’s releases and perpetuate enthusiasm for the Japanese timepieces on a widespread level that put them in the same conversation as the likes of OMEGA or Rolex.

Published by Rizzoli, the book is currently available to pre-order for $65 and is expected to deliver on September 26 of this year.