Fuze Smart Credit Card

One of the downsides of having a slim wallet is that…well, sometimes you have a whole lot to carry every day. The Fuze card solves that problem in a way that is equally simple and brilliant.

Whether it be your ID card, membership card, gift card, or credit – this simple tool consolidates up to 30 cards into one easy to use piece of plastic. So, how exactly do you stuff all that information into one small card? The answer is pretty simple. All you have to do is snap photos of your cards or swipe them using an included tool. So, like us, you’re probably thinking that there is some tangible downside here. As far as we can tell – there isn’t anything glaring. The card works at all ATMs, uses NFC tap-to-pay technology, displays bar-codes for rewards cards, and can all be deleted remotely if you have the bad luck to lose it. But even if it takes you a few hours to notice (which is hard to believe, seeing that Fuze will automatically notify you via your phone) – the card has a 6 digit password you can set so thieves or opportunists can’t take advantage. The traditional wallet may have met its match.

Indiegogo: $89+