FUSAR Mohawk Smart Helmet Kit

The world’s first modular smart helmet system is here as Fusar has introduced the Mohawk, which turns any helmet into a smart helmet.

In fact, it turns your helmet into an action camera, activity tracker, communication device, navigation unit, music player, black box and emergency alert system. It’s designed for seamless use across a wide range of action sports. It has handlebar and wrist-mounted remote controls, so you don’t have to putter around with buttons on your helmet that you can’t see. It also uses a multi-color LED system to provide feedback regarding what the device is doing. Photos and videos instantly sync with the user’s smartphone for easy viewing and sharing, and it has a cool Hot Shot function that allows you to record the last 15 seconds even if you weren’t recording. What’s more, the Black Box function locks down the last two minutes of audio, video, speed, direction of travel and other telemetry information when you get into an accident, so that you’ll be able to provide detailed information where necessary. [Purchase]

FUSAR Mohawk 2

FUSAR Mohawk 3

FUSAR Mohawk 4