Furrion Rova Electric Cooler

Furrion is cooking up some game-changing technology as of late, such as their smart yacht named Adonis with its own A.I. assistant. They’ve decided to give ice chambers a digital upgrade as well with their Rova Electric Cooler.

Its onboard energy-efficient compressor sends cool air into the central chamber for freezing down to a chilly -8F. You can even choose from three cooling modes: eco, beverage, and freeze. One swappable battery holds enough power for seven days of cooling and can be recharged via a wall outlet, but you can also plug into a power source. Even without any juice, the cooler has an impressive 10 days of ice retention thanks to its pressure-injected polyurethane foam walls. With a sleek, futuristic design, the Rova is packed with tons of tech-savvy features, including a charging station with USB ports, a portable solar panel, and a Qi wireless dock. The versatile wheeled cooler also has a retractable handle that doubles as an accessory rack and table. The Rova Electric Cooler will be available soon.

Purchase: $799+