Furrion Elysium Concept RV

Furrion likes to take everyday concepts and electrify them, infusing technology and luxury into vehicles and products in order to turn them up a notch. Furrion’s latest concept is a foray into the industry of recreational vehicles. Decked out from bumper to roof, the Furrion Elysium RV concept is certainly not your father’s RV.

RVs and trailers are quickly surging back into style. In the not-too distant future, all RVs may be like the Elysium from Furrion. At 45 feet long, 8 feet wide, 13.5 feet high, the Elysium is bigger than most RVs, giving designers and engineers plenty of space to optimize. They left little room for improvement with the upper deck; a full entertainment system, hot tub and helicopter landing pad (complete with a Robinson R22 helicopter) ornament the top level. Down the ladder to the interior, you’ll find three 75” 4K TV’s. 15” touch screen. An infotainment system with RV navigation connects to 15″ tablets throughout the inside, also offering connection to observation cameras. An indoor fireplace, complete kitchen, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven and refrigerator furnish the Elysium’s interior. The latest sensor tech allows the RV to be semi-autonomous, so that you don’t accidentally drive your family off a cliff (O’Doyle rules).

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