Fulton & Roark’s Solid Cologne Keeps You Smelling Fresh & Clean All Day Long

Apr 24, 2020

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One of the best ways to keep yourself smelling fresh and pleasant throughout the course of your day is by using cologne. All too often, however, traditional sprays are unreasonably expensive, overpoweringly pungent, and (due to their liquid state) not exactly travel friendly. Conversely, Fulton & Roark’s Blue Ridge solid cologne suffers from none of those same issues while remaining appealing and effective.

A premium alternative to traditional sprays, the Fulton & Roark Blue Ridge solid cologne boasts a unique combination of subtle scents — including sandalwood, sage, and amber — creating a confluence of smells that together are greater than their individual parts. Named after the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the oldest ranges in the world, this solid cologne is comprised of limited ingredients; it’s long-lasting both in regards to its all-day scent and each containers longevity (seven months with regular usage, four if you use it daily); and it’s ideal for stashing in your pocket, gym bag, or even carry-on luggage. Pick up a tin for yourself today for just $52.

Purchase: $52

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