Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Camera

Last year, Fujifilm launched their inaugural Instax Square SQ10 camera and it was an undeniable, instant hit. Fujifilm is looking to top their initial instant camera with the SQ20, merging retro charm and modern technology to help you capture the perfect shot in every scene.

This model uses a ‘Frame Grab’ recording feature, capturing footage up to 15 seconds to help you choose the best frame from the clip to use. It’s a simple, convenient upgrade that allows you to flex your creativity and frame the perfect shot for Instagram. There’s also a ‘Timeshift’ collage mode that allows you to snap four images at different time intervals to make an old school picture grid, and special sequence filters, allowing you to create a sense of action in your photos. You can even apply a 35mm film strip border for a classic touch. The SQ20 comes with the same reliable lens with f/2.4 aperture, a zoom feature, a built-in flash, and a 2.7-inch monitor. Pick one up in matte black or glossy beige.

Purchase: $200