FUELL’s 125-Mile Fluid-1S Prime E-Bike Is A Testament To Efficiency

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As we transition into the era of electric vehicles, the importance of purposeful design has become all the more apparent. From four-wheeled automotive architecture to common platforms like the scooter and skateboard, the implementation of battery-driven technologies has afforded manufacturers the freedom to create beautiful, outlandish examples of modern mainstays — and FUELL’s Fluid-1S Prime bicycle is no different.

The efficient Fluid-1S Prime, which was designed under the supervision of legendary engineer Erik Buell, is a testament to the tasteful integration of cutting-edge technology. It features an intricate, pedal-assisted architecture with two 1,008Wh batteries at its heart, allowing riders to traverse over 125 miles on a single charge. Internal hub gears, a lightweight carbon belt drive, and an intuitive 3.2-inch IPS smart-screen keep you moving in the right direction with minimal effort, while quality-of-life additions like anti-theft mode, integrated device charging, and removable batteries serve to set the cycle apart from its competitors. The FUELL Fluid-1S Prime is available now via the brand’s Indiegogo for $3,644.

Indiegogo: $3,644