Fuel’s Royal Rally ‘400’ Confronts The Harshest Terrain In Africa

If you’re planning to take on one of the toughest off-road rally races in the world, it’s within your best interest to acquire a machine that’ll do your bidding. Such was the mindset of Barcelona’s Fuel Motorcycles — a Spanish customization shop that dove headfirst into the two-week, 3000-kilometer excursion known as Scram Africa.

In May of 2019, 35 riders from Europe, Canada, USA, Costa Rica, and Republica Dominicana made their way through the Sahara Desert, relying solely on their wit, mechanical abilities, and customized machines to carry them across the most adverse terrain imaginable. To achieve this, Fuel Motorcycles called upon the rally-ready, four-stroke Royal Enfield Himalayan — outfitting it with vintage enduro components, a Powertronic engine unit for improved responsiveness, torque, and fuel efficiency, and an adaptable anti-lock-braking system that can be toggled on or off depending on road conditions. Reinforced aftermarket handlebars, recycled body components, and additional lighting have also been implemented — providing functional improvements for the team to make their way from Marrakech to Zagora.

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