Fuel Moto Deploys A ’50s Mountaineering-Inspired Riding Gear Collection

Spanish custom bike and gear purveyor, Fuel Motorcycles is well-known for its unique take on pieces of riding gear, merging retro visual themes with modern materials and construction techniques. And after previously unveiling a pair of boots modeled after the US WWII M43 combat model and a WW2 pilot-inspired vest, the Barcelona shop has now rolled out another collection of gear, this time taking influence from midcentury mountaineering regalia.

Christened the “Rescue Collection,” Fuel’s latest product range is comprised of four items, all of which sport novel “Fuel Search & Rescue Motorcycle Division” patches and branding. This includes the new PEAK and Rescue riding goggles, which feature a tensile and elastic polyurethane frame housing multilayer foam pads and an anti-scratch and anti-fog visor with seven points of contact to the chassis. The collection also features the water-resistant 12oz oilskin cotton canvas PEAK moto riding vest that boasts multiple pockets, an integrated 3-liter hydration reservoir, and a guided hydration tube. Anchoring the Rescue Collection is the Rescue Raincoat, which is a fully-lined, breathable, water-resistant 12oz oiled canvas riding anorak modeled after mountaineering smocks of the 1950s. Available now, the Fuel Motorcycles Rescue Collection is priced at $95 for the PEAK and Rescue goggles, $150 for the PEAK Vest, and $190 for the Rescue Raincoat.

Purchase: $95+

Photo: Fuel Motorcycles