Frozen Beer Slushie Maker

Whether it’s straight from the can or the keg, we love ourselves some beer. If you thought there was no better way to beat the heat than reaching for a cold one, wait until you get a load of this Frozen Beer Slushie Maker.

Just imagine your favorite summer beer topped with a whipped, frozen lid that adds even more deliciousness to the mix, while also helping your brew stay colder, longer. First debuting at special beer gardens in Tokyo back in 2012, these slushie beer concoctions went on to become a huge hit in Japan, and later being served at Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles. Creator Kirin Ichiban developed the patented freezing technology, and has now decided to bring the experience right to our homes. Ichiban teamed up with Takara Tomy Arts to build a small countertop machine that will help make this summer the best one yet. [Purchase]