FrontRow Wearable Camera

For those with poor short-term memory or simply looking to share their day-to-day lives with others, there’s the FrontRow Camera – offering full-day first-person video and time lapses in a lightweight wearable design that hangs around your neck.

Each FrontRow camera is a small disc that can practically be worn just about anywhere on your person using a clip attachment. Here, thanks to 16 hours of battery life, you can capture several hours of footage from a day hike, bike ride, music festival – really anything worth filming. Embedded in the design is also a mobile app that allows you to instantly transfer video content to your smartphone for sharing, and with picture preview and video playback functionality all available directly from the FrontRow, you can make sure you got the right shot before publishing to a preferred social media platform. You can also Lifestream your content as well for real-time sharing with friends and family.

Purchase: $400