Fret Zeppelin Guitar Trainer

Just about all of us have had a fantasy of being a rockstar at one time or another. But so few of us actually took the time to learn guitar. The truth is, it takes a lot of time and dedication to get it right. And lessons can be pretty pricey. But if there had been something like the Fret Zeppelin guitar trainer around when we had those lofty goals, we might actually be touring around the world right now.

The premise is simple: attach this trainer to the neck of your guitar, sync it to the app on your smartphone, pick a song, and let the Fret Zeppelin do the rest. The device’s full color spectrum LEDs – which can illuminate 4.6 million color combinations – will light up the fretboard and show you both where to and where not to place your fingers in order to play. The database, which can be accessed through the app, will have everything from scales, to chords, to musical styles, to songs, and more. And, once you become experienced enough, you can set up the Fret Zeppelin to display a light show while you perform. In all honesty, this might be the most intuitive guitar-learning device ever manufactured. You can preorder one for as low as $199 right now, but the price will likely jump once it goes to market. [Purchase]