Freespirit Journey Basecamp Trailer

Ever feel like a standard tent might be a bit too small for your weekend car camping escapades? Thankfully there are additional options to choose from when planning outdoor excursions into the wild with a group of friends or family. Enter the Journey Basecamp Trailer from Freespirt Recreation, a portable tent, and camping package that’s fit for explorers of all skill sets.

Each Basecamp Package features a nine-foot trailer tent, providing guests and families alike ample room to move about in and around the camp. From enjoying a summer out by the lake with the loved ones or keeping warm during a winter game hunt with the pals, the Journey is there for shelter and support. Each package includes the tent itself and a PVC cover allowing you to store any and all soft gear on the top of the tent to enhance internal storage space. Buyers are also encouraged to check out additional add-on’s such as a basecamp awning, annex, Zamp 4 LED lighter kit, Zamp all-in-one power pack, and an FSR GoLight. Each of these sold separately of course. Prices start at $7,470. [Purchase]

Journey Basecamp Package 3

Journey Basecamp Package 1

Journey Basecamp Package 2

Journey Basecamp Package 5