Freedrum Drumkit

Drums are not really the easiest instrument to just bring along with you. Professional musicians and enthusiasts alike often find themselves feeling stranded while they’re traveling. Now, thanks to the Freedrum Drumkit, drummers can now bring their set with them wherever they go.

All you have to do in order to get them working is to slide the Freedrum sensors on your drumsticks and shoe (for the kickdrum), pair them with your iPhone, and you are good to start playing. Their technology is situationally aware, so you can sit down and start drumming away on your e-kit as if it was sitting right in front of you. The team behind this project has gone to great pains to make sure that they’re using the best Bluetooth technology to make it so there is close to zero latency on each strike of the drumstick. How, exactly, can it do that and still be so small? A high capacity lightweight LiPo-battery and printed circuit board with an internal gyroscope make it both responsive and pocketable. If you are looking to do a whole lot more than just practice while you are away from your kit, however, Freedrum has been designed to be compatible with the vast majority of music software so you can record and edit that bedroom project you’ve been working on solely with your wireless drumkit. Prices start at $89. [Purchase]

Freedrum Drumkit 1

Freedrum Drumkit 2

Freedrum Drumkit 3