FreeCast High Quality Video Transmitter

Sometimes getting that desired shot just takes a bit of spontaneity and patience. But who has time to wait around for everything to line up properly, manipulating the scene along the way? Luckily, FreeCast is a high-quality video transmitter that can transmit live video feed from an action camera, or any HDMI camera for that matter, in real time.

Outfitted for filmmakers, adventures and content creators, FreeCast helps you take your storytelling techniques to the next level. You can lifestream, live cast through real-time broadcasts, and cast from remote locations as well. There are multiple kits available through their Kickstarter program: standard, professional, and universal. These transmitters are also built out in a lightweight and durable manner, making them ideal for documenting travel expeditions on-the-go, and you can even connect everything up to their FreeCast app. This enables you to stream live to followers on social platforms, customize your broadcasts with logos and titles, and save your videos for later. Available now for reservation on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: $299+