Freeboard: Snowboard of the Streets

Just when you thought product innovators had done everything there is to do within the world of board sports, a group of San Francisco based thrill seekers created the Freeboard.

At first glance, this thing looks a lot like a skateboard, and that’s because essentially it is. The Freeboard is a 6-wheeled skateboard that has been outfitted with a pair of central axis wheels that turn in every direction. These additional wheels have been attached to the baseplate of each truck. This lets the rider literally slide on the board, mimicking the side-to-side motion of riding a snowboard. Also much like a snowboard, the Freeboard has been equipped with a pair of S2 bindings that help the board stay attached to the riders feet while getting airborne. Riding a Freeboard may look easy enough,  but like most board sports, it takes some practice to get things dialed in. Once you get the hang of it though, every street can be transformed into a snowboard run. Check out the video below.