Frauscher 1414 Demon Yacht

Few things are as rewarding and enjoyable as getting out on the open water. But the vessel upon which you sail certainly has an effect on the overall experience. For some, tooling around in a dinghy is enough. But there are those with more discerning tastes who desire more opulence and power. Like, for example, Frauscher’s newest and largest offering: the 1414 Demon.

Measuring in at an impressive 46 feet, this luxury yacht can propel up to 12 people across the water. And it does so with dual engines of either 400 or 520 horsepower a piece. It also has the capacity to carry a maximum of just over 317 gallons of fuel. But this beast isn’t just a powerhouse. It also has plenty of living space. The deck features a large lounge area with an outdoor bar and bathing platform. And belowdeck, there is a kitchenette, a bathroom, berths for up to 4, and a secondary lounge area. But this kind of aquatic abundance will cost a pretty penny, as prices start at just under $850,000. [Purchase]

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