You Can Now Take Virtual Tours Of 14 Of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Iconic Works

Undeniably one of the best American architects to have ever lived, Frank Lloyd Wright stands as a figure of mythical status, with the Arizona native’s works — eight of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage sites list — being some of the most celebrated churches, residences, and offices in the country, and as such are toured almost daily. The ongoing pandemic has ended that. However, a growing number of locations are now offering virtual tours including a bevy of Wright’s buildings. So, while you can’t physically be there, you can now experience the next best thing via new virtual tours of a myriad of 14 of Wright’s works.

A collaboration between the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, the Wright Virtual Visits launched on April 2nd, and each Thursday will unveil two new virtual tours of Wright’s iconic buildings. Thus far these at-home architectural museum tours have included the Hollyhock House, Taliesin West, Unity Temple, Emil Bach House, The Westcott House, and the world-famous Fallingwater, though Ebsworth Park, Gordon House, Graycliff, Martin House, Samara, Seth Peterson Cottage, Taliesin, and Willey House are to follow. To take a tour for yourself, check out the link below.

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