Frank And Oak Clothing Subscription Box

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These days, maintaining an updated wardrobe can be a burdensome task, especially since most of us have various other hobbies, commitments, and duties apart from shopping to deal with on a daily basis. That’s where the style experts at Frank And Oak come in – delivering fresh picks to your doorstep every month.

Here’s how it works. After filling out a short survey (based on your size, style, and budget), the fine folks over at Frank And Oak will provide you with 3 personally recommended items per month in a style box. From here, either confirm, customize, or skip the month entirely if you’re not digging any of the picks. They also grant members access to up to 20% off their inventory, let you try on and return everything from the comfort of your own home, and return what you don’t like – all risk-free. There’s also no long-term commitment involved, which also provides peace of mind for the ever-busy modern man.

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