Fox Racing’s V3 Solids Helmet Mimics Cerebral Spinal Fluid

Building off their championship-winning legacy, Fox has designed its most advanced moto helmet to date. The Fox Racing V3 Solids Helmet is packed with technology inspired by the body’s brain protection system to help keep your skull intact in case of a major spill.

Mimicking cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), the Fluid Inside technology utilizes a grid of pods placed strategically around the head to protect the brain. Each fluid pod from the matrix will manage the rotational and linear forces on the brain’s tissue independently and simultaneously. The technology works together with your CSF to improve the absorption of impact energy, reducing the potential of concussive brain injuries. For further protection, the high-tech motorcycle helmet boasts a Magnetic Visor Release System, allowing the visor to detach in the event of a crash, Multi-Composite Technology shell construction, and a dual-density Varizorb EPS liner. The V3 Solids Helmet comes in two colorways and it’s available right now for $500.

Purchase: $500