Fortis’ Latest Cosmonauts Chrono Watch Was Built For Mars Missions

What the Omega Speedmaster is to American astronauts, the Fortis Cosmonauts Chronograph is to our Russian counterparts. Cosmonauts have worn the Swiss-made tool watches on outer space missions for decades, and the latest Fortis looks to go where no watch has gone before: Mars.

The Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph AMADEE-20 was created in partnership with the Austrian Space Forum to support the analog astronauts of the AMADEE-20 Mars simulation mission that’s set to take place this fall in Israel’s Negev Desert. As such, the watch features several innovations that would come in handy on an actual mission to Mars. Its chronograph includes an oversized “Grand Counter,” making it easier to time critical intervals, while the Mission Control Bezel features a ten-minute timer to track the amount of time it takes for communications sent from the red planet to reach Earth. The case and bracelet are full titanium that’s been sandblasted to mimic the sandstorms on Mars, while the additional elastic hook and loop strap could potentially be worn over a spacesuit. Stylistic nods to Mars include a caseback engraving of Mars’ position comparative to Earth and embossed lines on the dial representing Mars’ orbit. The watch is available now from Fortis for $3,935 after converting from CHF.

Purchase: $3,935