FORMUL2 Racer by Radek Stepan

What would happen if you combined formula-one racing and off road events like the Baja 1000? We don’t know for sure, but designer the Czech Designer Radek Štêpán has a pretty solid idea and he’s mocked up a concept car that would be perfect for just that type of race, the FORMUL2 Racer.

The idea behind this concept was to design a car that is just as capable on the tarmac as it would be shooting across the dirt and sand. Radek’s solution is to build a modular car that can have its entire chassis, wheels, and suspension seamlessly traded out for either a paved road or off-road set. Imagine something shooting off of a track, and just like wheels are switched out on F-1 cars, the entire bottom half of a car is changed as the vehicle makes its way out into the desert. Who knows if this motorsport will ever come to be, but if it does, we sure hope we can see something like this out there. [H/T: YD]

FORUL2 By Radek Stepan 1

FORUL2 By Radek Stepan 3

FORUL2 By Radek Stepan 4

FORUL2 By Radek Stepan 5