‘Forms In Nature’ Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows

Jul 16, 2014

Category: Living

We can see a ton of cool uses for this tree shadow light entitled “Forms in Nature” by Hilden & Diaz. Of course the first one that pops into our heads involves terrifying the toddlers in our lives, but no, that fruit hangs too low.

Meant to reflect a tree and its roots (as well as pay tribute to the late German artist Ernst Haeckel), this light features an intricate design with a mirrored image around the bulb that helps to throw a series of daunting shadows on the walls. We’re thinking it’d be perfect for reading “The Raven” to on poetry night, or perhaps some Poison Ivy-themed role playing. Maybe we’ll give Uma Thurman a call. See if she’s up for it. [Purchase]

Forms In Nature Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows 2

Forms In Nature Chandelier Projects Tree Shadows 3

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