Formawerx 911 Porsche Ignition Key

For diehard Porsche fans out there, Formawerx has made a raw silver key for drivers with hearts that rev like a 911. The designers from Orange County decided to flex their creativity and forge the Ignition 911 car key to pay tribute to Porsche’s racing history and they’ve made a thing of beauty.

The design for this custom machined key was inspired by the elements of the 911, including the iconic flat-six engine, which is mirrored by the six holes on the key. Made to factory specifications and constructed with 303 stainless steel, the exact same material used in OEM factory keys for Porsches, this key is truly a work of art. Constructed in the USA, the keys are compatible with 1970-1998 Porsche 911 models and all 912 and 914 models. If you’re looking for that special extra something for your Porsche, pick up this masterpiece.

Purchase: $250