Forj’s Thermoplastic Tape Is As Strong As Steel

Duct tape comes in handy to solve a myriad of problems, but now there’s something much more powerful. The Forj Thermoplastic Tape Ribbon is a lighter, stronger option, allowing you to brave every journey with extra confidence.

Made from Forj’s proprietary moldable thermoplastic material and a high-strength polymer matrix, this tape has an incredible 1,000-pound tensile strength. All you have to do is heat the tape to 140° F and shape it to your preference. Once it cools down, the tape hardens and forms a bond just as strong as steel so you can make reliable handles, grips, and harnesses, as well as tow equipment and repair tools with relative ease. You can even reheat the Forj tape and reshape it several times to make the appropriate adjustments. The lightweight tape is moisture-resistant, paintable, and performs well in cold weather. Grab a roll for your emergency EDC pack today for $20.

Purchase: $20